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ElMarco 175 20
Deze 175 20
LadyAlucard 175 20
Milf 175 20
Hunter 175 20
ArcaSlave 175 20
Bas1c 175 20
Nepstriker 175 20
Pixx 175 20
Fister 175 20
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Patch Notes 1.8

- Guildbuffs/Onlinebuffs revised
- Hipster Glasses added
- Dragon Sets, Masks, Cloaks effects changed
- needed Guild Exp decreased (Lvl 50-60)
- Spawn in nowhere fixed
- increased Drop of Basilisk
- simplified Lord Donate
- several CS Sets inserted at the Npc
- Maidle (Herneos Dungeon) HP fixed
- small Text adjustments
- set the Diamond Holder Level to the respective Dungeon
- Damage Crackshooter/Mentalist increased
- adjusted different Skilleffects
- Legendary CS Modelfix

Donate Event

Hey Guys,

today starts our Donate Event.

This includes that all players receive double Donate points until 11.08.19!
Have fun playing.

Best Regards
Your SoF-Staff

New Staffmember

Hey Guys,

please welcome our new Gamemaster deelok and Loki!
They will do ingame Events and of course answer your Question.

We are also looking for a Source Developer.
If you're interested, please contact an Admin.

Best Regards
Your SoF-Staff

EXP Event

Hey Guys,

today starts our EXP Event.

This includes that the EXP rate is increased by x1.5 until 14.04.19!
Have fun playing.

Best Regards
Your SoF-Staff

Patch Notes 1.7

- Upgrade chance for jewelry increased
- Queen of Guardians / Polluted Queen Entaness damage increased
- Dark Warrior (Deep Darkness) damage decreased
- Blessing of Penya added to [Event Token]Jeff
- Lusaka Weapons added to [Red Chips]Taifun
- Valleria Exchanger adjusted
- Red Chip prices of Royal / Hernes / Entane weapons decreased
- Key Box added to Clockworks
- Respawn time of Clockworks changed to 3 hours
- Shabby-Chic wallpaper effect changed to 5% HP

Happy Weekend Event

Hey Guys,

today starts our Happy Weekend Event.

This includes that all players receive double Vote / Donate points until 03.03.19!
Have fun playing.

EDIT: The Event will be extended until 06.03.19!

Best Regards
Your SoF-Staff

Patch Notes 1.6

- Wild Oloccip Damage decreased
- Basilisk added to Beach Island
- now all Tickets have 2 Channel
- new Azria with Clockworks added
- new GuildWar Arena added
- Beach Island Ticket Icon changed
- adjust the Level of Fire Basilisk
- new Vote PowerUp with Suck Blood added
- Fantasy / Behemoth / Frozen 1on1 Stick added
- changed the effect Crit Chance to Hitrate on Fantasy Weapons
- Droprate of Scroll of Augmentation on Fire Basilisk increased

Patch Notes 1.5

- added S / 10% Cards to Battleground Exchanger
- added new Icons for the Frozen Weapons
- added Random Card Box A / 7% to Aminus, Aminus Master and Crystal Dungeon
- Added Power Ups to the Voteshop
- Aminus Master Monster Damage decreased
- Drops of Warrior of Hell (Battleground) adjust
- little Text Adjustments

Patch Notes 1.4

- stay online buffs added
- battleground exchanger changed
- frosthunter all stats increased
- same teleport points adjusted
- pet move speed generally increased
- lvl display on monsters added
- dungeon upresia fixed
- rarity rate increased on rangda's
- battleground monster damage decreased

Promotion Event

Hey Guys,

we would like to draw your attention to our Promotion Event.

You can find more details in our forum. (It is worth to take a look at)

Best Regards
Your SoF-Staff

Patch Notes 1.3

- hide hair render bug fixed
- for all cs pets the movement speed is now the same
- powerful upcut stone fixed
- small interface update
- aoe target lose bug fixed
- dungeon cooldown added to the teleporter
- lvlcap of some dungeons are changed
- couple red chip rewards decreased
- other little texture changes

Official Serverstart

Hello Guys,

today is the day. We did a wipe because of Dupes and too fast reaching of different targets. Now we can initiate the official serverstart.

Furthermore, we would like to give you the information about the beta present. You can get this by writing to an admin. Each beta player receives this gift only 1x times. No matter how many accounts/characters he had. If someone tries to trick us, we will punish the player. We will decide what this punishment will look like on a case-by-case basis. To avoid this, we ask you to be straight!

Logically, players from our open beta get their donation points back. Please write via the website a ticket with the following information: Account ID, Donation Amount, Donation Method (PP / PSC).

And now there is only one thing left to say.
Have fun playing :)

Best Regards
Your SoF-Staff

Patch Notes 1.2

- added Range Pickup for items (especially for questitems & redchips)
- chance to get a new rarity level decreased
- client lag fixed, when you have activated a buff pet

- price changes on some npc´s
- green weapons,shilds & sets from lvl 75 to 105 removed
- [Event Token] Jeff prices increased

- Green weapons, sets and shilds now dropable on Azria with a bit luck to get it with a rarity level
- Desmodon, Cursed Desmodon, Red Meteor drops increased
- Scroll of Rarity added to the drops from Rangda

- Lord Set effects changed to 10%HP, 10%ICD, 10%ATK, 20%Speed
- Statted dragon fashion effects nerfed (cloak, mask, set)
- jewellery effects generally changed

Patch Notes 1.1

- CS Pet Range increased
- Dark Rartesia Spawns increased
- some security fixes
- Moonstones and Oricalcum now droppable from Winter Mochi
- little changes in our platinsystem
- increase the reward of the couple

- Rangda level increased to 175
- deleted DEF and blockrate from Dirty Dan (DMG Mob)

- Fantasy weapons and S/10% Cards removed from donateshop

- Penyarate generally decreased

- Accessory Exchange item count from "Essence of Time" decreased from 10.000 to 5.000
- deleted the GW Token at accessory exchange

- price for silver battery increased

Patch Notes 1.0

- Diamond Holder droprate increased
- Kalgas droprate increased
- Ankou droprate decreased
- [Eliteboss] Helon & [Eliteboss] Kelon droprate slightly increased
- Redchip droprate generally increased
- Questitem droprate generally increased

- Advanced Cloak of Honour Penyarate decreased to 20%

- little bug fixes